Introducing Cliff Young Quick Ship Collection

Introducing Cliff Young Quick Ship Collection

Introducing Cliff Young
Quick Ship Collection

Custom & Modern Chairs in NYC

We believe that seating should be both pleasing to the eye and easy on the body. United by their clean lines, considered details and beautiful craftsmanship, our carefully edited and wide-ranging selection of modern and contemporary chairs, stools and sofas will support you through the day, from work to play.

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Dining & Side Chairs

Discover the ideal dining and side chairs that will elevate your dining experience to new heights. Whether you're drawn to timeless classics or crave the innovative appeal of modern creations, we are confident that our collection will capture your heart and make you want to savor every moment spent at the table. Let our collection guide you to your perfect dining chair, where style and substance intertwine flawlessly.


Salvatore Dining Chair is the latest addition to the Cliff Young Signature Dining Collection. With its sleek silhouette, available in Ash or Walnut frame with optional metal detailing, this chair effortlessly blends contemporary style with timeless elegance.

Quick Ship Spider Dining Chair

Spider Dining Chair is designed to redefine your dining space. Its sleek silhouette and minimalist design is complemented by a generously padded seat and backrest. Expertly crafted with a sturdy metal frame and premium upholstery, the Spider Dining Chair guarantees durability and lasting quality. Available in a range of luxurious fabrics and finishes, it seamlessly complements any decor style, making it a versatile addition to your home.


Scheggia armchair capturing the essence of organic beauty by harmoniously blending sinuous shapes and the warmth of solid ash wood. The seamless design, crafted in a single continuous line, effortlessly unifies legs, armrests, and backrest, creating a captivating visual flow.

Nebula Monaco Chair

Nebula Monaco Chair brings a celestial touch to your space with its enveloping design and sleek lines that evoke the sky. Its cloud-like appearance maintains a clear identity, highlighted by the distinctive teardrop arms. Whether as a seat, armchair, or lounge chair, Nebula’s versatile design is complemented by various base options. Crafted from fire retardant and fully recyclable polyurethane, its shell embodies both safety and sustainability. For more options, check out our dining & side chairs category.

Thought Dining Chair

Indulge in the timeless beauty of the Thought Dining Chair, where classic lines meet an exquisite blend of metal, wood, and fabric. This chair effortlessly embodies a sense of elegance that guarantees an instant win in any dining setting.


The Malva Dining Chair embodies the chic modern furniture design that characterizes the 21st century luxury dining experience. The subtle, winged back practically floats above the seat of the chair which is thinly cushioned and held aloft by narrow, pointed legs.

Sophia Dining Chair

In a continuous dialogue between the recent past and the near future, Sophia excels in elegant upholstered chairs with a timeless design. The ergonomics and comfort of the covered cushions are additional features that make this modern designer chair the perfect solution for the living room. For more options, check out our dining & side chairs category.

Kate Dining Chair

This summer, enhance your outdoor spaces with the elegance of the Kate Dining Chair. Crafted from Iroko wood, Kate features elegant lines and shapes, making it perfect for both your dining room and patio. This chair whispers elegance and showcases beautiful materials, embodying quiet sophistication. For more options, check out our dining & side chairs category.

Mys Dining Chair

Mys Dining Chair, a stunning creation by the renowned designer Beatriz Sempere. At first glance, the Mys Chair captivates with its sleek metal base, exuding a modern and refined aesthetic. The sturdy base ensures stability and durability, providing a reliable foundation for years of comfortable seating. The true essence of the Mys Chair lies in its exquisitely upholstered seat and backrest For more opt...


Step into a realm where perfection meets artistry with the Tablet Chair. Its innovative design transforms the concept of aesthetics into a captivating three-dimensional experience. With its distinct cylindrical shape and mesmerizing backrest, this chair embodies versatility in form and offers unparalleled comfort.

Onda Side Chair

Onda Side Chair originates from a simple idea but at the same time represents a complex concept – a welcoming arm chair made out of two individual curved plates. Each curve converges towards the centre. The metal frame has an essential and graphic silhouette in contrast with the padded rounded forms. The cover is completely removable. For more options, check out our dining & side chairs categor...

Cala Dining Chair

Cala Dining Chair contrasts the soft, organic curves of its seat back with the edgy, geometric shapes produced by its legs, combining them into a fascinating visual experience. This chair’s legs are available as solid brass, fully upholstered, or wood, and various leathers and ultra-suedes are available for the seat. A stunning seating option, the Cala is both eye-catching and fully functional, beautiful, and luxurious armchair, modern in design with a retro twist. Also available as a Metal, Wood, or Fully Upholstered variant. For more options, check out our dining & side chairs category.  


Stemming from a 1968 design by Milo Baughman rumored to be one of his favorite designs, this classic and modernized Design Classic 1188 Armless Dining Chair is a versatile and timeless option with comfortably armless sides.


The Moon armchair seamlessly merges the backrest with the armrests, forming a unified, crescent-like cozy enclosure. Its design, inspired by the spherical shape of a full moon, envelops the body in a comforting embrace.


Elevate your dining experience with the exceptional versatility of the Oliver Dining Chair. Crafted with a sturdy steel frame and enveloped in a layer of sumptuous fully upholstered memory foam, the Oliver Dining Chair effortlessly combines style and comfort. Its sleek design and premium materials create a harmonious balance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any dining area.


The Denizen Armchair is an ergonomic chair equal parts beautiful and functional. The Metal accents dressing of its legs complement its organic form while the back is decorated with new hardware, giving way to a lower space— one which accentuates its delicate curves.

Bar & Counter Stools

Explore our curated collection of bar and counter stools, where versatility meets character to enhance your space with style and functionality. These stools not only serve as convenient occasional seating options but can also inject a playful touch of form and color into your interior. We understand the importance of quality craftsmanship, which is why our stools are crafted with utmost care and attention to detail.


The elegant and curved lines of Charm Stool seamlessly merge with the robust structure, offering an unparalleled seating experience. Its sophisticated presence radiates a sense of modern elegance and style in any setting, effortlessly harmonizing with various upholstery options such as fabrics, leathers, and leatherettes.

Malva Barstool

Unveil a new dimension of sophistication with the Malva Stool. Its refined lines, gracefully curved arms, and slender base combine to create an unmistakable identity that adds character to any space. Experience the perfect fusion of style and function, paired with exquisite craftsmanship.


Discover the endless possibilities of seating with our Velis Stool, a true embodiment of comfort and style. This exquisite stool comes in two different heights, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space and design needs. It offers unparalleled support with both the seat and backrest are luxuriously padded in fire retardant polyurethane foam. Feel at ease knowing that safety and comfort are ...

Corda Stool

Designed by Cuno Frommherz, Corda Stool is part of the collection that is perfectly integrated with the surrounding green spaces. Envisioned as an outdoor stool, it is easily adoptable for many indoor interiors.


The Onda Stool adapts the concept of curved sheets converging towards a single central point. The padded and welcoming form of the Onda collection extends to a different use within the dining area, available in two different heights, intended for both residential and commercial use. Fully removable covers.

Althea Barstool

A stool with four legs and a base in steel, the Althea Barstool is versatile, simple, and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. The perfect fit for a professional setting or any number of other spaces, the elegant Althea Barstool is an effective blending of functionality and visual influence.


Sophia Stool excels in the category of elegant upholstered stools with a timeless design. Ergonomics and comfort are additional features of the covered cushions which, combined with the discreet aesthetics of the wooden base, make this modern design stool the perfect solution for both the living room and contract interior design projects.


Discover the allure of the Luce Barstool, where form meets function in perfect harmony. With its solid wooden frame and a plywood, fully upholstered shell, the Luce Barstool offers the perfect fusion of comfort and aesthetics. The brushed stainless steel kickplate adds a touch of contemporary allure, complementing the overall design.


Wink Counter Stool, a classic, yet modern variation of the Wink Barstool at a kitchen height. A polished stainless steel base and sleek and elegant façade makes it a versatile stool capable of blending into countless examples of styles of interior design.


The Amy Barstool shows off design with an international tone, focusing on the ergonomics of its form to ensure a careful look— one of character. The body takes the shape of a shell in expanded polyurethane, while the seat subtly declines toward the backrest for added comfort. A blend of functionality and aesthetic value, the Amy hints at fashion while presenting itself as a modern classic.


Ideal for a bar setting but versatile enough to seamlessly blend into countless other spaces, the Potter Counter Stool is a simple, yet elegant piece. Available in various finishes and textiles, the Potter maintains a simplistic design without compromising on structural integrity or aesthetic value.

Sofas & Sectionals

One of the most hard-working pieces of furniture in interiors, sofas should offer longevity, comfort and style in equal measure. Our extensive offering includes everything from statement-making showstoppers to understated modern and contemporary sofas that are equally at home in the living room as they are in a hotel lobby.

Puzzle Sofa

The Sofa Puzzle is a modular sofa that is unique in that it allows for the creation of countless configurations through the use of interchangeable modules that can be combined and arranged in different ways. Each module is made of a wooden frame covered with polyurethane foam and upholstered with a choice of leather or fabric.

QS LAX Sectional Sofa

The LAX modular sectional features an architectural, cantilevered, solid maple base paired with smartly tailored upholstery. Extra soft and inviting poly blend down seat and back cushions provide LAX with a soft touch and easy comfort. Customize your sectional by choosing from five modular units to create the perfect configuration. Select options for leathers for upholstery from provided materials PDF. Wood legs available only in black walnut or storm finish on maple. Cushions are poly blend down which require some routine maintenance (fluffing) to restore depth. For more options, please check out our Sofas & Sectionals category.


Ideal for formal seating, the CY Allegro Sectional harkens back to an Art Deco hotel foyer with its glamorous recessed copper base, geometric quilted seat back, and elegant tapered armrests. An asymmetrical angled layout sets this piece apart and allows it to fit comfortably in open floor plans and any number of stylistic compositions.

Milky Way Sectional

Thoughtfully crafted in every detail, the Milky Way serves as a haven to relieve daily stresses, entertain loved ones, and envision new tomorrows. With its generous, gently rounded cushions contrasted by striking, quilted vertical lines, the Milky Way invites complete relaxation while stimulating the imagination. Customizable upholstery and armrest options ensure the Milky Way perfectly suits your dreams, whether met in repose or with eyes wide open. For more options, please check out our Sofas & Sectionals category.


The Galapagos sofa is one of the star pieces. The beautiful winding shapes of the Galapagos sea lion were the inspiration of this exceptional upholstered structure with wooden legs. Elegant decorative cushions are included for back support.

Giovanna Sofa

Designed with utmost attention to detail, the proportions of the Giovanna Sofa make it a versatile and effective addition to a given space. With careful observation, one will notice the width of the arm is slightly different to that of its back, the ergonomic needs are different, and it was a conscious effort to steer clear from a more typical, uniform width that circumnavigates the entire piece. With metallic influences supplying a luxurious atmosphere and every detail studied to give life to the piece, the Giovanna is designed for easy cleaning, comfortability, and extensive functionality.

Ludwig Sleeper Sofa

Modern, yet tailored, the Ludwig Sleeper Sofa has a timeless appeal that will add a touch of contemporary to the aesthetic arrangement of your stylistic composition. Upholstered in rich fabric and biscuit-tufted, this transitional-style sofa is accentuated through slim, sloped arms and a clean silhouette. The Ludwig will definitely take center stage in any living room space while providing an extra sle...

Royal Sofa

The perfect spot for lounging in comfort and style, the Royal sofa is a modern masterpiece designed for relaxing or entertaining. Enjoy an evening with friends or curl up with a good book on this timeless sofa. For more options, please check out our Sofas & Sectionals category. Contact us for further details.

Ennico Sofa

The Ennico Sofa is spacious, for optimal comfort while the back and armrest are slightly inclined to allow an ergonomic seating. The sofa seat is embroidered and manufactured with a tailoring genius. Available in a variety of sizes and/or finishes, including custom. Please contact us for details. For more options, please check out our Sofas & Sectionals category.

Occasional Chairs

Immerse yourself in our carefully curated selection of the finest European armchairs. After years of dedicated curation, we have handpicked a collection that embodies the pinnacle of modern and contemporary design. Each armchair in our range is meticulously chosen to strike a harmonious balance between elegance and comfort, ensuring an unrivaled seating experience.

QS Pretty Occasional Chair

Pretty Occasional Chair is a perfect example of compact comfort with contemporary charm. While many occasional chairs tend to be oversized, the Pretty Chair defies expectations with its compact yet comfortable design. Embodying a laid-back contemporary vibe reminiscent of a cocoon-style seat, it’s ideal for urban settings where space is at a premium.  It is scheduled for a production time of fou...

QS Roxy Would Swivel-Tilt Chair

Originally designed in 1965 by Milo Baughman, the Roxy Would swivel-tilt tub chair is a modern classic. Featuring button tufting and our unique swivel-tllt mechanism, Roxy is a timeless lounge chair for various interior settings. It is scheduled for a production time of four weeks upon receipt of order and credit approval. For more options, check out our Occasional Chairs category.

Touch-Me Armchair

Physical connection inspires Boatto Martino’s latest design, Touch-Me. Touch is essential to our emotions and relationships. It evokes raw, sometimes rare feelings that are deeply personal. Touch-Me doesn’t mimic these experiences; it represents them uniquely for each individual. Whether in fabric or leather, Touch-Me combines style and form, creating a testament to comfort and art. It’s designed...

Carol Armchair

Carol is an homage to the desire for the elegance of the past. A neo-vintage armchair with curvy lines that reimagines the ‘50s in a fresh contemporary way. The visible stitched edging is a stylish detail, created by Italy’s finest tradition of craftsmanship. Magnetic adjustable headrest. Base stained ash or in chrome-plated or painted steel, in stainless steel, Peltrox finish or black nickel. Leather, eco-leather or fabric upholstery. “Horse seam” stitching in the same color tone; contrasting thread by request. Available with Ottoman. For more options, please check out our occasional chairs category.

Velis Armchair

The Velis armchair has seat and low backrest padded in fire retardant polyurethane foam. Structure in solid ash wood or Canaletto walnut. Velis best solves the relationship between the padding and the solid wood, in a perfect integration between the parts, where the wood, of which the structure is composed, supports the upholstery and vice versa, in a respectful balance between the parts. For more o...

Mare Lounge Chair

The Mare Lounge Chair is a unique statement piece that features a curved shape, one which employs asymmetrical shapes for backrests that sink into comfortable seats. These seats push past the rectangular scheme of the sobering lines often inherent in designing sofas. While the Mare winks at the past, at more classic styles, it communicates a strong, contemporary soul and is suitable by nature to various interpretations. For more options, please check out our occasional chairs category.

Danza Upholstered Chair

The Danza upholstered chair features a unique silhouette with pronounced curves and a generous seat. Combining comfort, craftsmanship and design, the chair is an icon of the collection. Details like the gold finish metal studs on the wooden frame makes this piece a unique design. It’s the perfect combination of our finest materials. Available as a swivel chair. For more options, please check out our ...

Lavello Lounge Chair

Featuring a streamlined contemporary design, the Lavello lounge chair will have you relaxing in comfort without sacrificing style. This chair’s plush seating is a perfect addition to any decor. For more options, please check out our occasional chairs category.

Warp Wood Armchair

With delicately styled frame in wood, the Warp Wood Armchair presents an eye-catching modern choice for your dining room. Shell upholstered in leather, ecoleather, fabric or COM, your options are endless. Available in a variety of wood finishes such as Veneered flamed walnut and Lacquered veneered wood in following color options:gray, black, white, blue, red, dark brown, natural or natural oak. Please contact us for details. For more options, please check out our occasional chairs category.

SUR Lounge Chair

Our bestseller SUR Lounge Chair keeps evolving and now has a new version. The shell in the technical soft touch material is enriched with wood armrests in solid American walnut or oak. An innovative material and the craftsmanship in the wood manufacturing have created an authentic masterpiece. For more options, please check out our occasional chairs category.

Benches & Ottomans

Welcome to our collection of benches and ottomans, where you’ll find a carefully selected assortment of captivating occasional seating designs. Explore our range of benches, ottomans, and poufs that not only provide comfortable lounging options but also serve as eye-catching conversation starters.

CY Ellipse Ottoman

Introducing the CY Ellipse Ottoman, a fusion of modern elegance and unparalleled comfort. This ottoman boasts a fully upholstered fabric surface that exudes sophistication, complemented by a sturdy solid wood base. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, it features a sleek and contemporary profile. Enjoy the added comfort of extra padding, whether you’re using it as a stylish seat or a coz...

Mushroom Ottomans

Mushroom Ottoman were rightfully named so after their mushroom shape, but we suspect that as soon as you acquire one you will be tempted to get another one. They do look amazing on their own and even better as a cluster. Perfect for using as a footstool or extra occasional seating. A comfortable cushioned seat of this sculptural pouf ottoman is upholstered with fabric or leather and available in a wide range of colors. These 1960-s inspired elegant “Mushroom” Poufs are as functional as they are beautiful. They create an understated complement to any modern setting. For more options, please check out our Benches and Ottomans category.

Velis Bench I

The Velis Bench I is part of the Velis wide collection of seating thought to satisfy different demands. A refined material meeting, underlines the versatility of the Velis benches, able to combine the function of sitting with the table, transforming the bench into a useful support surface. The benches are padded in fire retardant polyurethane foam, in different sizes. Structure and support surface in s...

Oltremare Bench

We named it Oltremare Bench, because all things have a soul and every soul has a name. Oltremare encloses within its inlets the classic and the modern. The curve is a line that can be tamed: it forms a wave, a fold, it creates a place but it also offers an escape route. In our utopian world we investigated the relationship between the curved line and the act of seating, asymmetric shapes that become backrests and sink into extremely comfortable seats pushing past the rectangular schemes so dear to the sober lines of designing sofas. The asymmetric curves that enclose it are the inspirations for the Oltremare armchair that completes the collection alongside a padded bench. A comfortable nest suspended on a slim varnished metal base, whose essential lines render, by contract, the armchair’s silhouette even more interesting. Oltremare is a seating system that, even though winks at the past, it communicates a strong contemporary soul and is suitable by nature to various interpretations. For more options, please check out our Benches and Ottomans category.

Dolce Ottoman

Dolce Ottoman offers more than just a footrest, it is versatile enough to act as a stand alone piece for a spare lounge chair or even a cocktail table! For more options, please check out our Benches and Ottomans category.

Haley Bench

Haley Bench is a contemporary piece of furniture with a uniquely versatile design. Shown in gray copper/metallic cowhide seat and pewter finish base. Available in your choice of metal (chrome, satin nickel, pewter, black chrome, antique brass, satin brass, matt black) and variety of hides or 1.5 yards COM. For more options, please check out our Benches and Ottomans category.

Clip Ottoman

Designed to coordinate with Clip line of sectional sofas, but versatile enough to match with other sofas and sectionals, the Clip table ottoman features coordinating trays that are available either in polished stainless steel, brushed bronze, wood finish or lacquer color. For more options, please check out our Benches and Ottomans category.

Abramo Bench

This sleek and modern Abramo bench adds a crisp element to any space. With the optional divider, you can make this bench how you want. Available in a variety of sizes and/or finishes, including custom. Please contact us for details. For more options, please check out our Benches and Ottomans category.

Petunia Bench

The Petunia bench, available in a variety of sizes and or finishes, including custom, is an elegant seating option for any luxury decor project, home or elsewhere. The soft, rounded edges of the cushion with the unbroken, oak or walnut of the base combine for contemporary perfection. Contact us for more details. For more options, please check out our Benches and Ottomans category.

Desk Chairs

Experience ultimate comfort and style with our desk chair collection. Discover a variety of meticulously crafted desk chairs that combine ergonomic features with contemporary aesthetics, ensuring a productive and visually appealing work environment.


Lyz desk chair with a swivel base in anthracite or black embossed painted metal. Seat and backrest padded and upholstered in leather, eco-leather or fabric. The style of this chair was inspired by the Bauhaus movement with a nod to mid-century modern design and is a perfect addition to the home office or a meeting room. For more options, check out our desk chairs category.  

Simple Desk Chair

Inspired by a classic mid-century silhouette, the Simple Desk Chair is fully upholstered in black leather and generously padded for maximum comfort. Equipped with a sleek metal base with smooth swivel action for added versatility and functionality, the Simple Desk Chair is the perfect addition to a given space almost completely regardless of stylistic influence. For more options, please check out our Desk Chairs category.

Michael Desk Chair

A swiveling armchair with a trestle base in lacquered steel, the Michael Desk Chair features a shell upholstered in leather, eco-leather, fabric, or custom fabric. As it is also available as an armchair (with no swivel) on four square legs in lacquered steel or wood, the Michael is an incredibly versatile addition to a workspace and is capable of blending into nearly any stylistic composition. For more...

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