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Otto Dining Chair

SKU # 7-11-95224

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H)

W 22" x D 24" x H 31", SH 18.5


J 61 grade 1 / Dark Grey HG

COM 1.5 yards

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Every detail has been carefully crafted to combine ergonomics with functionality, giving life to an authentic artisan masterpiece. Otto’s structure, made entirely of fine beechwood, consists of two distinct upholstered sections for the backrest and seat. The woodwork of the backrest, with its carefully designed curvature, provides embracing and relaxing comfort that perfectly adapts to the ergonomics of the seat. Suit’s slender and tapered legs are meticulously designed to provide exceptional stability, achieved through a prominent inclination focused toward the back. The sleek contour in the center of the chair makes it modern and functional, allowing for effortless mobility. For more options, check out our dining & side chairs category.

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