Lasvit Lighting Collection

Since 2007, Lasvit Lighting has been carrying on a long glassmaking tradition of Northern Bohemia, bringing unparalleled level of craftsmanship to clients worldwide. Known for their enthusiasm for cutting-edge design and innovation, Lasvit offers unique modern lighting solutions and bespoke installations.



Wall Fixtures

Wall mounted lighting is a versatile and stylish solution that can transform the ambiance of a room. With a variety of styles and designs available in our curated collection, wall mounted lighting offers endless possibilities to match your aesthetic preferences. Choose fixtures with adjustable arms or directional shades, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it most.

Table Lamps

Illuminate your space with style and sophistication using our curated collection of table lamps. With their versatile design and focused illumination, table lamps serve as decorative accents while providing functional lighting for reading, working, or creating a cozy atmosphere. They can be strategically placed on side tables, nightstands, or shelves to add both style and functionality to any room.

Modern & Unique Furniture Accessories

Complete your space with our curated collection of accessories. Explore decorative objects, stylish mirrors, versatile shelves, timeless clocks, and an array of modern furniture accessories. Each chosen piece adds personality, style, and functionality, allowing you to create a truly personalized atmosphere that reflects your unique taste and enhances your space.

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