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Complete your space with our curated collection of accessories. Explore decorative objects, stylish mirrors, versatile shelves, timeless clocks, and an array of modern tabletop accessories. Each chosen piece adds personality, style, and functionality, allowing you to create a truly personalized atmosphere that reflects your unique taste and enhances your space.
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Enhance your space with a unique mirror from our carefully curated collection to create the illusion of space and amplify natural light. We offer a range of styles, from minimalist to bold and abstract designs, each meticulously crafted to embody modern elegance. Whether you prefer a wall-mounted or freestanding mirror, our collection offers diverse options to suit your taste and style.
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Island Round Mirror

With its elegant frame and minimalist design, our Iland Mirror adds a neutral-yet-polished touch to any room but looks particularly splendid in the bedroom or the entryway.

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Desiderio Mirror

Modern wall mirror with 60-s flair. Frame in titanium, black embossed lacquered steel or Brushed Bronze. Mirror is equipped with plates for both horizontal and vertical installation.

Lo Spot Mirror

This mirror plays with organic shapes to decorate the walls with originality. An aura of refinement is expressed through clean lines that are suitable for any type of environment. The perimeter of the beveled crystal reflects light from all angles. Made in 3 different shapes, the mounting system allows you to position these mirrors vertically or horizontally. Arrange them in groups to create a balanced...

Tale Mirror

Tale mirror is an interior design complement with a very strong graphic sign that plays on geometric volumes, apparently free, but linked together. It seems like its frame wants to untie itself from the mirror, breaking it down on different levels, creating the illusion of an object constantly searching for stability and equilibrium. The base and the lower band, in bronzed brass or anthracite embos...

Cigales Mirror

Cigales was made to decorate with greenery and to transform the environment into a small domestic oasis. That is why we think that Cigales is not just a charming piece but also an idea for a positive lifestyle, which converses with your psychophysical balance. Available freestanding, wall mounted or with mirror.

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Cintura Mirror

Cintura Mirror exudes comforting ambiance with a touch of subtle elegance. Exquisite leather detail adds some rustic distinction while the versatile oval shape gives a nod to modern minimalism.    

Metropolis Mirror

A mix of classic shapes add a sense of play to our Gotham Round mirror, a well-known design featured on the cover of Architectural Digest magazine. The bronze panels are encircled by a band of ambrosia maple—a natural element that provides stark contrast to the other industrial materials. Custom sizes and finishes available.

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Experience the captivating Paravento Mirror Partition, a masterpiece of design that transcends traditional boundaries. Its unique composition of overlapping, sequential materials forms a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect, making a powerful visual statement.


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Cerchio Clock

A playful twist on analogue clock in wood and metal. Unmistakable simplicity plays an homage to 20th century design aesphetics. A needle in satin gold finish gives it a touch of sophistication.

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Bay Shelf

Bay Shelf was inspired by the seabirds hovering over the waves, spreading their wide powerful wings in the wind. A slight curves of those wings got materialized in metal. This simple and elegant shelf seamlessly combines wood and metal materials in variety of finishes. Available in right or left directional.

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Hand-Blown Glass

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Frozen Cooler

The Frozen collection was inspired by the transformation of water into ice, the element of randomness used in the context of glassmaking. Glassmakers understand that their material always ‘freezes’ at some moment in the process and only the most skilled hands are capable of creating a unique form. Each piece traces a unique record of the process, becoming an original all of its own.

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