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Accessories - Mirrors

Paravento Mirror Partition

SKU # 449-400-009


W 29.5" x D 2.35" x H 46.5"-52"


One side MDF veneered Canaletto walnut and other side glass/mirror "Stopsol" in oxy grey or titanium finish.

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Experience the captivating Paravento Mirror Partition, a masterpiece of design that transcends traditional boundaries. Its unique composition of overlapping, sequential materials forms a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect, making a powerful visual statement. This partition effortlessly creates divisions within your living space, introducing a new level of versatility and aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of mirrored elements opens up endless possibilities for new perspectives and illusions, reflecting and enhancing the surrounding environment.

The Paravento Mirror Partition seamlessly combines functionality and form, revealing a dynamic interplay between design and practicality. Depending on its placement, this partition unveils fresh vantage points, inviting you to rediscover your room from different angles.

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