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Recognizing the crucial role of effective storage solutions in creating a well-organized interior, our casegoods collection presents an array of fashionable and inventive choices. Ranging from Buffets and Bar Cabinets to Entertainment Units and Bookcases, we offer the ideal fusion of design and practicality to seamlessly revitalize your space and eliminate clutter.

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Buffets & Sideboards

Discover the perfect combination of generous storage and elegant surface display with our exceptional sideboards and buffets. These versatile pieces feature exquisite designs from our meticulously handcrafted Signature Collection, as well as modern curated options that boast impeccable detailing.

CY Nobu Buffet

A contemporary buffet sideboard, the CY Nobu Buffet is an award-winning piece from Cliff Young Signature Collection. This elegant sideboard is handcrafted in Bleached Zebrawood and trimmed with Gunmetal Steel. It also features Zebrawood interior drawers and shelves, as well as smooth-touch latch doors. For more options, please check out our Buffets and Sideboards category.

Zorah Sideboard

Featuring the luxury furnishing of a dark wood finish, the Zorah Sideboard is a resolute masterpiece with the everyday functionality of combination cabinets and drawers for optimal storage. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, the Zorah is a versatile addition to a given space, making it perfect for blending into any number of stylistic compositions. For more options, please check out our Buffets and Sideboards category.

Diva Sideboard

The Diva Sideboard is part of the Diva collection that comes with extendable tables and a storage unit, characterized by the vigorous presence of oak wood, which tones down in the delicate design. This sideboard is rendered in oak structure with two curved side doors and six drawers that satisfy every need for containment and order is characterized by a play of delicate contrasts: the upper part of the...

Galapagos Buffet 100

Galapagos Buffet 100 stands out for its organic and sophisticated design. Its curves and rounded details on the doors take their inspiration from the wooden boats of the Galapagos Islands. It has a subtle metallic structure, which gives it a timeless touch. For more options, please check out our Buffets and Sideboards category.

Side Sideboard

The SIDE sideboard model, characterized by a linear and essential style, is made using careful and meticulous craftsmanship, showing great attention to details and finishes. The structure is available in matte or glossy lacquered MDF. The base and handles are in polished or varnished aluminum. For more options, please check out our Buffets and Sideboards category.


Bringing classic style to a modern setting can be difficult, but Glory manages it combine an essential design with an iconic look, maximizing the experience and use of materials. A slim line and prominent vertical handles create a separation on one side, while the handleless drawers on the other create an even symmetry with the thin wooden top.

Drip Console

There is nothing random about the Drip Console; its elegant appearance is carefully designed with the utmost attention to every detail. Solid wood drips are applied with extreme care to the mirror-effect doors, allowing for fine and intentional sophistication to be seen from every angle. This opulent design makes the Drip Console the perfect addition to a given space, capable of blending into almost an...

Theodore Sideboard

Complete with an adjustable shelf and a silverware drawer, the Theodore Sideboard is a classic and perfect for entertaining guests. Its simple and versatile aesthetic makes it the perfect addition to countless stylistic compositions without relenting on functionality, structural integrity, or opulence. Consummate nearly any arrangement with the Theodore and you will not regret it! For more options, please check out our Buffets and Sideboards category.

Kramer Sideboard

Theatrical, scenic, and bringing a sense of antiquity to the contemporary era, the Kramer Sideboard reveals domestic objects in a new light through the transparency of its smoked glass, much like its Kramer Hi Cabinet counterpart. This rather sleek piece is available in two different heights and sizes, offering the versatility to allow the Kramer to effortlessly blend into nearly any stylistic composit...


Bring a touch of modern elegance and sophistication to your space with our meticulously curated selection of expertly crafted bar cabinets. These stylish and functional pieces are designed to elevate your home bar experience, offering ample storage for your favorite spirits and barware. Cheers to luxurious entertaining!


Bar essentials are concealed within a luxurious interior of pure elegance in the Ohaku Bar. It features an inside compartment equipped with a mirror, shelves, three drawers, and LED lighting. Its base comes in painted solid oak with caps in black nickel, making it an opulent furnishing solution without compromising on functionality.


Theatrical, scenic, and bringing a sense of antiquity to the contemporary era, the Kramer High Cabinet reveals domestic objects in a new light through the transparency of its smoked glass. This rather sleek piece is available in two different heights and sizes for versatility and maneuverability.


Sen cabinet is inspired by the design of the traditional Japanese doors in rice paper. Its visual lightness is created by the crossed grilles in solid ash wood, attached to sliding doors in tempered bronzed or transparent glass, hiding internal shelves at different heights.

Entertainment Units

Elevate your entertainment experience with a meticulously crafted Entertainment Unit, also known as a media center. Explore our wide array of designs and styles, with a special focus on our award-winning Signature pieces, such as Nobu, that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. Each piece can be customized to perfectly suit your unique taste and style.

CY Nikola Entertainment Unit

CY Nikola Entertainment Unit is an elegant solution for modern minimalist interior. Figured Eucalyptus case with custom layup lets the wood take center stage. Hand-crafted and masterfully finished wood surface celebrates the uniqueness of the grain with no two pieces being alike. Solid Brass hardware with oil rubbed patina accentuates its luxuriously modern design while contrasting the texture of the w...

Fly Entertainment Unit

The Fly Entertainment Unit is crafted out of naturally rich grains of oak, ebony, or walnut with slick metal accents. Its silhouette’s bold proportions and clean lines offer a style both rustic and refined, supplying opulence and versatility to a stylistic composition. Also available in lacquer and a variety of sizes, the Fly Entertainment Unit is the perfect addition to consummate an arrangement.

Galatea Sideboard

It appears suspended, supported simply by the essential nature of its design. In reality, narrow feet support it with extreme lightness, diverting attention to its special crafting techniques. The horizontal incisions across the front, as well as the style, appear to extend beyond the limits of its shape. A useful storage unit for the living room, the contemporary sideboard is also highly suitable for ...

Grid Console

An excellent example of how the latest technologies can contribute to a traditional artisanal technique, the Grid Console illustrates a beautifully refined design. M.D.F. material used in its production is embossed and laser-worked or covered in wood, offering elegance to its functionality without compromising on structural integrity or quality material. This creates a Capitonné effect and produces a grid of pillowy curves. Versatile and able to blend into countless arrangements, the piece comes in a variety of color and finish options.

Ashton Entertainment Unit

The Ashton Entertainment Unit, which comes in titanium or black embossed steel and lacquered wood, features a left door covered and quilted in eco-leather or soft leather with titanium embossed aluminum profiles. Its right door is in Canaletto walnut, burned oak, or brushed bronze with black chrome details, combining with the internal fumé glass shelves to supply elegance to a given space. This opulen...

Wall Units

Experience efficient use of space and unparalleled flexibility with our selection of modern wall units. These versatile systems are designed to maximize storage potential while adapting to your changing needs. Transform your walls into functional and stylish storage solutions for a clutter-free and organized living environment.

Aldo Wall Unit

An extremely versatile furnishing solution in lacquered matte sage 159, textured matte mother of pearl, and textured heat-treated oak, the Aldo Wall Unit is simple and elegant without compromising on functionality. The perfect addition to a given space, the Aldo is dynamic enough to effortlessly blend into any number of stylistic compositions.


Discover the limitless possibilities for organizing and displaying your books and collectibles with our curated selection of modern bookcases. From fixed units to modular systems, our collection offers a diverse range of options to suit your style and storage needs.


Mattias Bookcase is made from laser-cut brushed steel and its shelves are crafted from heat-treated oak, walnut or rosewood. Mattias has many features, including a chest of drawers, a bookshelf and hide covered boxes. This modern bookcase capable of blending into any number of contemporary stylistic compositions. Mattias Bookcase is available in a variety of sizes and finishes. This versatility allows ...


The Castillo Bookcase is filled with colors and lighting effects created by its every finish. The option of setting it horizontally or vertically makes it a versatile piece and creates more fun ways to enjoy its more playful qualities. This versatility allows the Castillo to effortlessly blend into nearly any stylistic composition without compromising on functionality or aesthetic value.

Electra Bookcase

Presenting the Electra Bookcase, where mystery seamlessly intertwines with sophistication. Throughout history, spanning mythology, pop culture, and literary realms, the name Electra reverberates with intrigue—a perfect match for the essence of a Cliff Young product. Formal simplicity commands attention, complemented by a delightful fusion of materials, as wood and glass unite to epitomize design exce...


A wall bookcase crafted in a stainless steel structure with wooden shelves and optional leather drawers, the Contour Bookcase is an elegant furnishing solution as concerned with functionality as it is with opulence. It is composed of three models with differing height, ranging from a single drawer to four. Its versatility and visual influence on a given space cannot be understated.


Arial is a collection of freestanding bookshelves and console that chooses wood as a material of excellence combined with more tech materials. Sinuous and pure lines for the Arial bookcase, characterized by a very tight frame and reduced section, in bronzed brass or anthracite embossed metal, with contrasting feet.

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