Buffets & Sideboards

Glory Buffet

SKU # 449-6-95808

Overall Dimensions (WxDxH)

W 70 7/8"" x D 20 1/8"" x H 32 1/8""


TOP AND STRUCTURE: MDF veneered in moka or sucupira oak. VISIBLE METAL PARTS: brown painted metal, galvanized titanium or brass. DOORS: wood covered in Leonardo leather.

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Bringing classic style to a modern setting can be difficult, but Glory manages it combine an essential design with an iconic look, maximizing the experience and use of materials. A slim line and prominent vertical handles create a separation on one side, while the handleless drawers on the other create an even symmetry with the thin wooden top. Doors and drawers are enhanced by the choice of leather upholstery boasting bold and unique colors. Glory is finished with slim legs that make her appear ethereal, a unique feature for a solid and refined structure. For additional options please check out our Buffet & Sideboards category.

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