Introducing Cliff Young Quick Ship Collection

Introducing Cliff Young Quick Ship Collection

Introducing Cliff Young
Quick Ship Collection


At Cliff Young, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional custom design capabilities and top-notch customer service.

Cliff Young’s sophisticated, timeless style combines beauty with practicality and was built on the belief that investing in quality pieces you love rather than following the trends is always the best practice. We believe that the furnishings you and your family live amongst should be a source of everyday inspiration and a reflection of both heritage and innovation. Heirloom-quality craftsmanship meets fresh design perspective. Welcome to Cliff Young… we think you’ll like it here.

Our Founder

Step into the vibrant world of Albert Azzolina, whose journey began in Alphabet City, a midst the rich tapestry of Downtown Manhattan.

Born in 1930 to Italian immigrants, Albert grew up as the middle child of his family, enveloped in the love of his parents, two brothers, and two sisters. Their humble existence in the tenements meant sharing a bed with his brothers, but it forged bonds that would shape his resilient spirit.

At the age of 14, fate intervened and ignited a spark within young Albert. While diligently polishing furniture at his job, he serendipitously overheard a conversation that would change his life forever. Two men were discussing a “mere” $5,000 bonus, and those words resonated deeply with Albert. Something stirred within him; this was the world of business he aspired to join.

Yet, while Albert Azzolina had a genuine interest in business, his true passion lay in entertainment and the arts. Gifted with undeniable musical talent, he showcased his skills by playing the trumpet. It wasn’t long before he immersed himself in the lively New York jazz club scene, rubbing shoulders with the likes of the Rat Pack. Adopting the stage name Cliff Young, he eventually made it his legal name, solidifying his identity as both an entertainer and an artist.

However, fate intervened once again. Answering the call of destiny and his nation, Albert proudly served in the US Army and was stationed in Germany during the Korean conflict. There, his musical background and talent earned him a coveted place in the United States Army Europe Band.

Upon his honorable discharge from the military, Albert returned to New York and embarked on a career as a salesman in the furniture showrooms of Carlton House and Peck & Hills at 214 E. 34th St. Seizing an opportunity that presented itself, he fearlessly became a lamp buyer, impressing his boss and achieving unexpected success.

But art and music flowed through Albert’s veins, embodying the very essence of his being. With his innate creative spirit, he sought a creative outlet in the furniture trade, aiming to harmonize his artistic soul with the world of business.

Throwing caution to the wind and fueled by unwavering energy and ambition, he dove headfirst into the furniture trade. His numerous visits to various manufacturers garnered widespread admiration for their work, which in turn inspired his own designs. Music, remaining his muse, found its manifestation in the names of many Cliffs Young furniture designs—a tradition that continues to this day: Con Brio, Legato, Vivace, Allegro, Tosca.

With a $5,000 loan from his wife’s father, Albert fearlessly opened an 800-square-foot showroom at 192 Lexington Ave. His 5-year-old daughter, Leslie, occasionally helped with the phones, unaware that she would one day inherit her father’s business. Over the years, the showroom expanded, blossoming into a remarkable 9,000-square-foot space in the mid-1980s. Albert’s unwavering faith in himself and his work ultimately led him to establish a presence at the prestigious New York Design Center (NYDC), a decision that proved to be the right one as the company continues to prosper and innovate at 200 Lexington Ave.

In 1995 New York Home Furnishings Association movingly acknowledged Cliff Young’s stellar 30-year career by naming him the Furniture Man of the Year.

Today, over 55 years since the establishment of his eponymous company, the spirit of Cliff Young continues to thrive in our family-held and -led business. We find inspiration in living and working each day as he did, enveloped in a world of beauty and style that embodies substance and an unwavering vision. Our commitment to pioneering designs, providing exceptional customer service, and delivering world-class craftsmanship echoes the distinctive essence of New York and the unique legacy of Cliff Young.

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