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Ceiling Fixtures

Moulds Pendant

SKU # 53-21-80317

Overall Dimensions (WxDxH)

Dia. 9.06'' x H 16.56'' + L

Dia. 11.44'' x H 20.5'' + L


Small: Wood Hand-Blown Glass

Medium: Wood Hand-Blown Glass

Large: Wood, Clear Hand-Blown Glass (As Shown)

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The Moulds Pendant is a collection of suspended lights, showcasing Czech crystal in its most resilient and lively form. The series captures the specific moment when molten glass resists its expected shape and freely escapes from the mold as a random, amorphous bubble. Integrated LED light sources were set directly within the piece’s charred form, creating an impression of the heat and energy of the glassmaker’s kiln remaining inside. Available in three sizes and three color options.

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