The Cliff Young Zen Rug Collection

For a company designing furniture, furnishings and interiors for over 46 years, creating a signature rug collection started as an anniversary gesture.  Our 45th anniversary prompted a huge design celebration in all directions, with new furniture collection pieces for every room, re-invented showroom displays, new materials, new finishes, new partnerships with amazing craftsmen. It also prompted the creation of the Cliff Young Tribute Mentorship Program for design students and young professionals, which is expanding this year and inspiring more and more students and designers.

We realized soon however, that putting together a rug collection is more than designing unique, custom rugs for our clients’ design projects and it is surely different than putting together a furniture collection.  Thinking out the aesthetic, function and dynamics of a furnishings collection is something that we do every year, and the synergy between the pieces is always important. With rugs, this synergy takes on a different dimension, as the play of colors, patterns and fibers starts weaving compositions of art.

Our Lily rug, with its contemplative feel oscillating between high drama and the insights of a Rorschach test, would beautifully bring together an interior of light, well textured neutral designs with colorful accents.  The Webster rug, understated but ensnaring with its silky subtle web, would bring zen to a sophisticated eclectic room and ground a perfect contemporary design.

Lily rug, Cliff Young Zen Collection 













The Pom rug, with its silky, colorful print will create a joyous mood in any room, while the dramatic design and exquisite texture of the Fall rug will ground rooms into a meditative mood.













The Rewind rug’s whirlwind of color and pattern can envelop a room in a Van Gogh existential drama or simply add a beachy relaxed feel, depending on the room design and furnishings.  The clean silky grid of the Zen rug is just that, Zen pure and simple.














Last but not least, the Amber rug, with its aura of mystery and its shapes in motion adds an understated but dynamic focus to a room design, from strong to subtle, and works with any style, from traditional to stark modern.

Amber rug

While the inspiration for each rug comes individually from different places, the overall feel of a collection is bigger than the sum of the parts. Take our zen collection: each rug can ground a different room design and contribute a different mood. Together, in spite of the colorful yarns and contrasting patterns, the collection achieves a serene, zen feel.

More importantly, with each new rug design we create and produce with our extended rug family in Nepal, our design philosophy deepens and expands.  Design was never about just aesthetics, form, scale and materials.  Great design is about enhancing the quality of life, and surrounding ourselves with things that add to our well-being, happiness and help create a more harmonious connection with other people and the important things in life.