Frank chair, room design

Great design projects this May!

A lot has been happening this spring and May is even richer with design happenings.  Lots of refreshing and re-design in the showroom, new signature designs in development and production, new curated selections.

Coming next, ICFF is round the corner with new collection pieces and one of the loveliest and most elaborate booth designs ever.  A labor of love, our booth this year is conceived as a showhouse room, but while showhouses enjoy the limelight for weeks,sometimes months, our trade show booths have only 4 days of glory.  Huge work, elaborate planning, design and re-design, negotiations and more design meetings.

booth rendering

Refreshing new product

Lots of new pieces coming, from sofas of exquisite elegance and comfort to summery metal frames with soft textured finishes and lovely semi-precious stone bowls, lamps and accessories.

bordeauz mosaico


design classic hide

Stunning in hide, a new Design Classic by Milo Baughman will arrive soon.

In June another Trendscope with trends expert Patti Carpenter and IFDA NY.  Fresh with the latest design news after ICFF and the new Maison, Patti will uncover the latest in our industry on June 11 in our showroom. Stay tuned for details.

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