Pool side cocktail table

It’s summer, and we yearn for a lifestyle simplicity that’s luxurious and cozy at the same time.

We want to surround ourselves with furnishings that speak of nature, of subtle connections with the outdoors energies and organic vibes.

Well, what furnishings respond to that?


How about these airy, lightweight hanging chairs letting you float trough the breeze?

hanging chairs

Or an outdoor bed that’s open and private at the same time, perfect for an afternoon beauty nap…

outdoor bed

Whether having a quick sip of coffee on the terrace in the morning or spending hours gardening, the outdoor touch in the summer is vital to our well being.

Vacation homes both in the mountains and by the beach will be ideal, but communing with nature is sometimes as easy as inviting friends over for an afternoon in your back yard.

outdoor furniture

Hanging out with friends by the pool not only will give you a nice tan, but creates priceless memories.  Comfort and easiness are key in choosing your pool side furniture, with cozy, lightweight seating and super cool side tables.

outdoor seating

outdoor lighting table

Smart furniture designs that will bring unexpected functionality with lighting and storage will help make your outdoor time unforgettable.

outdoor end table

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