Nobu Buffet

Between glorious new designs coming up in our 2016 Signature Collection (check our next blog post to get a glimpse) and a bunch of awards we’ve been showered with this summer on all sorts of accounts, – several awards for product design, one for business leadership and one for our company culture, we have a lot to celebrate at Cliff Young.

Not to mention staff birthdays, personal milestones, small get-togethers with long-time clients, vendors, or other industry partners, or simply sharing a cup of prosecco on a hot Friday afternoon in the showroom with the staff and guests walking in, from a top 100 designer to a showroom neighbor or a trade guy.  Any reason to celebrate is well, worth celebrating…

So, design awards…

Our Nobu Buffet, an Honoree in last December’s BOY Awards from Interior Design Magazine, was an Honoree again in May of the NYCxDesign Awards and is now a finalist of the NYC&G Innovation in Product Design Awards.

Fingers crossed for the win at the September Gala!…

Nobu Buffet

BOY awards sealnycxdesign awardInnovation in Design Awards

As to business leadership, our CEO Leslie Young Zarra has been honored last month as a winner of the Smart CEO Brava Awards, an award recognizing the achievements and impact that top female CEOs have on their businesses and their communities.  Recognition is nice and heart warming, especially after years of 17 hours work each day, working weekends and sleepless nights, racing through P&Ls and balance sheets, stressful day-to-day operational decisions, staff changes, or nail biting deadlines.

The awards gala wasn’t too shabby either, fun and glamorous, and meeting like-minded women leaders was priceless, allowing for sharing inspiring thoughts, innovating ideas and solutions to common challenges.

Leslie Young Smart CEO Award

Smart CEO Awards Gala

Up next, the 2016 New York Corporate Culture Awards!  More than any professional accomplishments and even design recognition, this award is a huge achievement for us as a team.  The best of this company has always came from within the amazing human quality of its staff, its talents, its skills and the extraordinary creative energy that it produces year after year, collection after collection, one furniture piece at a time.  Wonderful people to work with and amazing professionals, the Cliff Young team is a nutshell reflection of New York, with its diverse international roots, extraordinary skills and backgrounds it brings together, and a global cultural refinement that comes through in each new design of our collection.

We look forward to the awards gala on November 30, another reason to get together and celebrate together, meet like minded people and share what we do best in our professional lives.

It’s not thanksgiving, but we feel very grateful these days for all these awards, and most importantly we are grateful for the chance to give deeper meaning to our professional lives, to live creatively and to uncover and fulfill fresh potential.

corporate culture award

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