June is Rug Month!- Cliff Young Furniture

The brand new Cliff Young Signature Rug Collection is in, and to celebrate, June will be The Tibetan Rug Month, with 10% off designer net pricing on all rug orders and beautiful floor samples available on sale. Make an appointment with our sales and design team today!


The refreshingly organic, contemporary collection was designed by Cliff Young Ltd. and made by hand in Nepal, featuring an incredible array of patterns, fibers, colors and techniques.  Like all the Cliff Young signature pieces, the rug collection is fully customizable.  The inspiration for the rug collection has come from art, nature, organic patterns and dynamic visuals that surround us, and the fibers, colors and techniques used are enhancing that.  Wool, silk, linen, nettle in myriad of colors are playing beautifully with each design in telling a story.

AKASH – meaning Sky in Nepali, this rug is a story of the changing sky as seen through a playful grid skylight designed by a child architect

Rhung Rug

RHUNG – meaning Color in Nepali, Rhung was inspired by blotches of paint in an abstract work of art, now depicted in wool and linen

Metok Rug

METOK – Flower in Tibetan, this rug has a delicate, feminine pattern with a refreshing, dreamy vibe so current and contemporary, far from the traditional flower designs

Serpo Rug

SERPO – Yellow in Tibetan, inspired by a painting, is a tiny fragment of dripping paint blown up to a rug size, in wool and silk

Cha Rug

CHA – Iron in Tibetan, this rug observed the cold, industrial patterns of rust on iron transform into art, now soft and luxurious, devoid of the fierce touch

Karpo Rug

KARPO – White in Tibetan, follows the timeless pattern of corral, now in a simple, classic black and white;  a rug version of corral pop art in wool, linen and hemp


HAREEYO – Green in Nepali, a refreshing geometry of unpredictable color, playful, dreamy, subtle, rich

Theek Rug

THEEK – Line in Tibetan, a simplicity of line made luxurious by the soft sheen of banana silk offset and aloe pattern

Tso Rug

TSO – Sea wave in Tibetan, waves in movement in shades of blue, white, grey and black, this rugs creates a refreshing, meditative feel

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