The alchemy of transforming interiors forever involved its rightful dose of mystery. Design principles and formulas we learn in school seem to miss some essential ingredient, slippery and hard to pinpoint, that makes a room actually come alive with feeling.  We call it the art of the designer.

Today, when every answer to our questions seems to be available online, when a google search for a modern sofa gives us 132 million options, when you can draw, scale and figure out your floor plan online, a lot of us think we can do as great a job as any designer.  Possibly true, however, browsing through some do-it-yourself interior design jobs proudly posted online, some questions might be raised… or eyebrows.

Not judging, just wondering what in fact does a designer do differently than the untrained decorator?…

Well, for starters, a designer can figure out the complex functionalities that intersect in a room like no one else.  Designers are somehow subliminally connected to ancient principles of feng-shui and music harmony.  They will figure out ergonomics and simplify traffic patterns making life in a room easier and satisfying.  A well-thought floor plan can be as invaluable as a major league game plan.

Then, piece after piece, designers will fill in their floor plan with the perfect furniture items and bring out their magic color wheel

This sofa here, that table there, different sizes for this rug, how about this material on the credenza instead?  Getting together all the right pieces for a room is a process far from an exact science and with many loose ends in the beginning. However, slowly but surely a very precise thread of thought and style starts to unfailingly take shape leading the room where it needs to be.

When it comes to color schemes, how many times have you stared at a fabric or a piece of wood that you like, thinking ‘now what?’ Great color schemes are not that easy to come by and rarely achieved at first try.  Fabrics, woods and all other materials need to be seen in different lights, together, textures have to work together, and any new material can either complete the scheme or completely disrupt it.

It’s then up to lighting and accessorizing to make it or break it

With uninspired lighting the most glorious interior can look just ok.  Or, with the right fixtures and lighting scheme, the room gets wows all the time.

With access to luxury design so freely available these days it is great time to start appreciating designers for their their true craft, the ineffable ability to create beauty from nothing, a gorgeous room from a modest space.

To honor design professionals, this month we will follow designer Robin Baron, ASID in one of her most exciting design adventures this year: an extraordinary apartment in Tribeca for her celebrity client Ryan Serhant and his fiancee Emilia Bechrakis.

Step by step, we will unveil the exciting journey of tuning into the soul of a home in sync with its inhabitants and creating a place of beauty, harmony and happiness.  Stay tuned and follow #TeamBarhant on social media to join us on this journey!

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