Design Trends

We don’t change our furniture and interiors as often as we change our wardrobe. Why is the interior design industry so eager to catch up with the latest design trends when every furniture designer’s dream is to create timeless designs?  When do passing trends cross path with timelessness?  For the new design concepts in our Signature Furniture Collection the common denominator is staying in tune with the way we live.  Design trends change, furniture styles come and go and our lifestyles are in constant motion… what stays is a thing of beauty that fulfills our needs, pleases our eyes and enlivens our spirit.

Rich Tropical Patterns

As we browse through endless trends reports and masses of visual material from all over the world, there are trends that we find relevant to our aesthetic or some that couldn’t be further. Like in fashion, we don’t have follow all trends, but, as skilfully and tastefully as possible, extract the ones that best match our individual style and spirit. For example: what is a furniture collection that’s contemporary, sleek, almost minimal, going to do with the abundance of tropical patterns dominating the trends report for the year? Nothing. Are we going to bring these large colorful patterns on sofas or window treatments? NO, but we can translate it for our collection in different ways.

We can stylize, refine and scale the huge patterns down to door front designs or hardware and definitely refresh visual display with tropical plants and patterned pillows. We can re-connect with our collection’s art deco roots and the retro glam that featured those rich tropical patterns in so many classic designs, and re-invent them through contemporary lenses, stylized, edited and refined to utilize in super modern metal inlays.

Most importantly, our outdoor furniture line can have a perfectly in-tune blast with the trend – for us this trend is about living large, fearlessly and abundantly.

Lifestyle Trends

For our yearly exercise of creating and developing a new furniture collection, the lifestyle trends research is even more important than the actual design trends. What do we notice this year? An ongoing but steady trend of less formal entertaining while maintaining or even increasing the level of sophistication.

lifestyles, dining

Our gatherings with family and friends tend to be less grand and pretentious, and more casual, approachable and livable. Casual entertainment marry raw and rustic with super sophisticated – wooden boards bring extraordinary gourmet to the table and a simple outdoor meal features exquisite flower arrangements.

dining lifestyles

The formal dining rooms looking to make family history, with grand tables and imposing buffets are kind of losing the buffets and replacing the grand with sophisticated and tasteful cabinets that are sleek, versatile and interchangeable in function to respond to any dining styles or even better, respond to other home needs as well.

lifestyles, dining

Our huge home theater built 15 years ago with custom TV cabinetry, wood paneling, reclining leather seating and curved built-in bar made place to an apartment-size custom bar 5 years ago and is moving on to smaller items such as bar cabinets or mobile bar carts. For TV and entertainment units, the furniture has also been decreasing in size, is ever sleeker and more versatile, with colorful materials and finishes and clever multifunctional storage.

Artisan meets hi-tech

An ongoing trend for us, Artisan meets Hi-tech is the essential modus operandi of our Signature Collection’s evolution and the bottom line of our design approach. We forever love to meet new artisans and are always looking for new ways to design and engineer things. We believe design should always be innovative in style, in materials, in engineering, finishing and technology.

artisan meets hi-tech

We love to start with raw materials, preserving, enhancing and highlighting their natural beauty – stone, wood, glass, metals, cement; we have fun imagining new ways to work with them, mix them and juxtapose them


We love and respect old world techniques such as marquetry and art deco patterns, but bring them to new levels by using latest technologies such asCNC and laser cutting. Same with metal inlays done today in organic patterns that follow the wood grain.

artisan meets hi-tech

Wood and stone table with old world wood hand carved base, but with high tech metal frame underneath the wood carving and led sheets backlighting the stone. In rug design, our new signature collection takes raw natural patterns and employs natural fibers and old world weaving techniques and hand knotting to transform rugs into art.

3D print

What can we say about 3d print? A top trend for us in recent year, we marvel at the fast technological advances and can’t wait to see the next mind blowing elaborate 3D constructions of exquisite design, that would be almost impossible to create by traditional techniques

Pushing the limits in design

David Bowie – why is he in our trends report this year? A brief tribute to the ever trendy and always out-of-the-box-with-a-wild-side style icon. We bow to the ‘unknown’ in the design and creative process that is fun, challenging and may lead you anywhere. We believe by nature design is supposed to push the limits and break the mold, to bring something new, beautiful, meaningful, and definitely not boring…

David Bowie

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