Pappacchio Entertainment Unit Finalization








It’s almost impossible to define or sum up the design process in one explanation because it is so adaptable to each project and person. Although, the design team at Cliff Young does have a creative path that we tend to follow for the majority of our projects.

InspirationNothing can be formed without inspiration. Inspiration is what opens the doors to the creative mind and it is important that it stays with you throughout the process to allow the design to flourish rather than get overworked. Dreaming, research and sketching are all vital to this beginning stage, as well. When working with a client, there is nothing more attractive to them than to show choices. It is a well known saying in the design industry that you should NEVER be married to a design, because it may break your heart when your client says “I hate it”. We have to remember to stay flexible and open-minded to ideas coming at us from all directions. This stage of design usually takes up to 80% of the process but that is ok because it is the most important!

After many erased lines and crumbled up sketch paperDefinition, the design can be processed further into the planning and rendering stages. We may be designing something beautiful, but if it does not tie in with the rest of the client’s project it will be worthless. Having precise dimensions will guide us through this stage and allow us to put things into a floor plan properly. Renderings really bring the design to life because it provides a visual representation for clients who may not be able to understand the exact look we are trying to get across. These renderings may be very valuable artwork done by the designer’s hand in various mediums or if the client wants a more realistic feel, high-tech computer renderings may be the way to go.




Not only does our work and design have to be top-notch, but the presentation is a very important aspect, as well. When our clients come to the showroom for meetings we lay out full presentations of all stages and pieces of the design from sketches to final renderings. This will represent our sense of organization and also really make both us and our clients see how far we have come! To see these stages all come together in one complete, well-rounded design will seal the deal.

Last but not least, final construction drawings will be created, approved by client and sent off to our factory for production. We also send samples of the exact finish that will be on the custom piece directly to the client. After each piece is complete is it thoroughly inspected by our project manager, who is also available to be contacted for anything while the piece is in production. There is no greater feeling than seeing our creations come to life in a client’s space, everyone being more than satisfied and beginning the next project!

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