Christmas at the showroom

Decorating for the holidays is a big part of the celebration itself.  Nothing builds up the holiday spirit with all its anticipation and excitement like getting your home ready for celebration.

Bringing home the Christmas tree, getting your decorations from storage and opening the boxes, handling old ornaments and revisiting memories, running out for new lights at the last minute or browsing through stores for weeks for those special new touches… it is all fun, and especially once you start adorning your home and every corner comes alive with each ornament.

Showroom plant design and Holiday decorations by talented designer Eva Vessio, from Blondies Treehouse.

Whether you are using antique glass ornaments or memories made by children, family heirlooms or branches and pine cones, Christmas has an amazing way of coming together with the most incredible mix of simple and precious, nature and man-made, old traditions and modern lifestyle.


Little accents, or complete room transformations are warming up our hearts for the holidays and enhance the sense of well being and togetherness, inspire us to more love and more giving.


Perfect ingredients for holiday decorations: ornaments, branches, pine cones, rope, leaves… with a warm fire and lots of love…

More importantly, nothing beats the enthusiasm of children and their excited sense of anticipation!  Happy Holidays dear friends and may the new year bring us more love, joy and wonderful great design!

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