And the Award for Innovative Product Design Goes To...

Last night, at the NYC&G Innovation in Design Awards Gala at the Harvard Club, our Live Edge Burl and Steel Cocktail table received the highest honor with the Innovative Product Design Award.  THANK YOU NYC&G for the award and the glamorous gala!

Watch video of the awards here

This table, that was deemed impossible by several experienced furniture designers and had our design team scratch their heads in many design development meetings, was somehow made, it is stunning, and more importantly, is a design and engineering feast in itself.

Initially conceived as an organic combination of burl slab and metal mesh with a hairpin leg design, the table transformed and evolved with every design and engineering meeting.  To create an organic looking symbiosis of a raw slab of wood with a patterned metal mesh, that will follow an unpredictable curve of the burl patterns on top, it is yes, not easy, if very close to impossible.  The sinuous line of the burl slab meeting the blackened steel is our first step toward our original vision, and we are currently experimenting with different metal patterns for the next version of the table.

Cliff Young has been dealing in impossible design since the 1960s, when Cliff was touring furniture factories and showrooms with his furniture sketches and was told, over and over, “this is great, but un-makeable”.  Great design is always about creative solutions to design challenges – the bigger the challenges, the greater the design.

Finding a truly innovative design and engineering solution to any challenge is the deeper level of fun and meaning in our profession.  We applaud and congratulate all NYC&G Innovative Design Finalists for their innovative solutions and the excellence of their design! A standing ovation from our entire staff for Mario Buatta and his 2014 Innovator of the Year Award.

Live Edge Burl and Steel Table

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