Furniture for Vacation Home

Now that spring is finally here, what are your plans for summer vacation?

Are you redecorating your vacation home or thinking of buying a new one this year?

Great, but there are some things to keep in mind to make your home away from home relaxing and fun.

Beautiful vacation house

1) Weekend Home for Your Family or Vacation Rental?

What is the purpose of this house? For example:

  • Your sanctuary to recharge your batteries: Think luxury with high-end finishes, space to spread out, and a wall color that soothes all your stress away. Invest in a spa like bathroom and a cozy fire place to snuggle up in front of.
  • Family Weekend Fun: Think practical and versatile rugs, furniture and storage space. You do not want too much time cleaning and organizing.
  • Vacation Rental: Maximize the number of beds and optimize the space in the bedrooms to provide a recliner and a desk area for them to check emails or relax away from the others.
  • Party Hot Spot: Invest in a big dining table and outdoor deck area for all your friends to gather around and have fun!

Tip: By thinking through how this space will be used, you can create strategies how to accommodate the different needs. 

2) Location, Location, Location

When you bought the house, you started by looking in a specific area, e.g., your favorite beach, lake side or mountain retreat.

Make sure your vacation home reflects that. Choose a style that resonates with the surroundings and what you feel when thinking of this little place on earth.

Large Glass Base Vases for the beach vacation feeling inside the house

Tip: For a Beach House, consider installing outdoor showers as a fun and practical way to get cleaned up after a long day in the sand. Or fill the glass base of a lamp with sand and decorate with nautical elements to bring a little piece of the beach inside. 

3) Bring the outside inside

Most likely you want to feel part of nature on vacation.

Use lots of natural materials, such as wood and stone when choosing furniture or finishes. This will give the room a more relaxing, down-to-earth feel.

Twigs, sea shells and other natural objects are also a great way to decorate.

Let the morning sun and the gorgeous mountain views in by using airy, easy to open window treatments. If you have French doors, arrange the room that they are not blocked by massive pieces of furniture.

Tip: Think about what part of nature relaxes you most and go with it. But keep your room clutter free.

4) Create a relaxing outdoor living room

According to Elle Decor, second homes are much smaller and more energy efficient today. But people want to relax in nature, BBQ or sit at the pool – basically bring their indoor living outside, just comfortably!

So, this is definitely a trend to incorporate when considering to renovate or buy your vacation home/

HGTV Dream House 2014 Outdoor Living Room

A great example of an outdoor living room is the HGTV Dream Home 2014.

Tip: Look for ways to create a cohesive outdoor-indoor living area by using outdoor rugs, pillows and furniture that can withstand temperature changes and humidity.

5) Maximize living space with multi-functional furniture

Your vacation house is a place to relax and to spend time with loved ones.

By incorporating an open concept floor plan as well as furniture that can comfortably accommodate big groups of people you ensure everyone can relax.

Opt for a large dining table that can be extended with self-storing leaves and a (freestanding) sectional that can sit a lot of people. Position the furniture to maxixe the space.

Another must have in any vacation house is a big mudroom to catch all the outdoor clothing, gear and of course dirt.

Tip: Store frequently used items in pretty wicker baskets so they are easily accessible.

6) Relaxing bedrooms

Whether it’s the master bedroom, the kid’s bedrooms or guestrooms, they need to be relaxing and multi-functional.

The master bedroom in your weekend house should feel more like a hotel suite or retreat which will recharge your batteries in no time.

An occasional table might serve as a space conscious solution for a desk, a comfy arm chair offers a place to rest and read a book.


Tip: Be a great host and offer your guests ample space for their personal belongings and minimize your own personal clutter there.Provide a small basket of toiletries that welcomes your guests and simply makes their stay more enjoyable.

7) Add an element of fun

By adding a fun feature you create a conversation piece and a focal point in the room to brighten it up and make it less formal.

Look for something functional yet not every day such as this suspended rattan chair…

Suspended Chair for a fun place to hang out

Or this elegant pendant light fixture:

Classic Lightning Pendant

Tip: A fire place is always a great idea. 

Your turn!

How did you decorate your vacation home? What is your favorite place in it?

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