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Scott Sofa Sectional


Tasteful and chic, the Scott Sofa Sectional is a beautifully elegant seating solution for the modern living room.

Customizable to fit perfectly in its space, this sofa is a timeless piece built with quality craftsmanship. Luxurious and comfortable, the Scott sectional is as practical as it is beautiful, designed to meet the needs of today's busy lifestyle.


  • Available in a variety of leather
  • Base is polished aluminium
  • Many configurations available.
  • Dimensions as shown:
    One Arm Sofa sizes available: 62.2" W x 36.6" D x 29.1" H / 70.9" W x 36.6" D x 29.1" H / 79.5" W x 36.6" D x 29.1" H / 88.2" W x 36.6" D x 29.1" H.
    Chaise: 44.1" W x 64.2" D x 29.1" H.



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