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When you're standing in the middle of the room with your thinking cap on and saying " we could really use a custom piece in that spot", custom may sound intimidating or expensive. What do you need to know about designing a custom piece of furniture?

Whether it's customizing a Signature Collection piece or creating a brand new custom design, a new design will require product development, full working drawings and 3D renderings or modeling, strike-offs and tight communication at every step of the way.  The concept development part is crucial and can be as lengthy as the actual production.  Developing the right aesthetic to go with the functionality, with the actual space and the perfect materials is a fascinating journey for any designer, not to mention the engineering challenge that each new design brings.   Once the design is right, working drawings can take two to three weeks to complete.  Upon drawings approval, the piece will go into production, and depending on complexity and production schedules, the new design will be ready in eight to twelve weeks from the signed drawings.

For your next custom design project, join us in this exciting journey. Our excellent team of professional designers and project managers will stand behind the heavy volume of development, drawings and engineering needed to help you create the best possible pieces for your interiors.

The creation of unique products and interiors require site visits, accurate measurements, conceptual sketches, 3D renderings, detailed AutoCAD drawings, as well as engineering and production meetings.

Our designers will sketch for you, research, engineer, compare, prepare working drawings, develop prototypes, and monitor production. Together, they will help you bring to life pieces that are not just high-end designer furniture or another modern furniture creation, but luxury pieces that ultimately fit our modern, individual lifestyles.