Cliff Young Ltd.

Roro Dining Table

Modern Furniture Designed and Hand-Crafted in the USA

Our Signature Collection includes award winning furniture designs that are glamorous and edgy, luxurious and super comfortable, innovative with an organic feel, classic but contemporary.

The Cliff Young signature designs are created for today's fast changing lifestyles, with endless custom possibilities in mind, allowing the team to recreate each piece in unique ways for each client.  We can customize the dimensions and finishes of the piece, adapt its overall scale and proportion, re-engineer it and re-think it with different configurations, materials, textures and finishes, to perfectly match our clients’ aesthetic and functional requirements and complement their lifestyle.

Our custom design options include green, eco-friendly alternatives for your custom pieces through our LuxeGreen program.  While we already use FSC certified lumber, VOC free glues and formaldehyde free MDF for the construction of our signature pieces, we offer our eco-friendly conscious clients additional options in terms of water-based lacquer finishes, solid bamboo and reclaimed wood slabs as sustainable alternatives, or incorporate recycled materials in the design.  In addition, we strive to maintain the production of our signature pieces not only within USA, but as closely regional as possible.