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Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture for summer living

Almost mid-August and still time to move outdoors, if you haven't done it since May.  Long beautiful sunsets, refreshing cool evening breezes that will keep you a bit longer outside, a vacation feel in the night air even if you've been working 14 hours.  Well, make sure you have a comfortable spot on the terrace / balcony / garden to enjoy it.

Your favorite outdoor spot could be anything from an overindulging arrangement like this, inspiring you to lounge all day in the sun in cozy swings or on light and airy upholstery, made of aluminum frame and hand woven fiber with a floral pattern...

 outdoor furniture

... to a back garden with comfy chairs and sofas to enjoy a glass of wine with friends:

summer furniture

These chairs in steel grid come with a range of brightly colored fabric cushions.

outdoor furniture

Chairs, sofa and ottoman in varnished aluminum frame decorated with synthetic fiber rope.

City dwellers living in apartment buildings can enjoy the cityscapes while feeling far away on vacation, with a whiff of the Hamptons.

roof top garden furniture

roof top garden furniture

Nothing more regenerating than connecting to nature one-on-one whenever possible

outdoor furniture

 Hand-woven sunbeds made of synthetic fiber with painted aluminum frame. 

outdoor furniture

This pool cot with aluminum frame can be covered with batyline perforated fabric, available in different colors, can be equipped with wheels and is stackable for easier usage.

A time to relax, connect with nature, recharge our batteries and re-energize our life deserve the best comfort.  A time when livin' should be easy and meaningful...

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