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Zen Modern in Neutrals

Zen Modern in Neutrals

We all "got" what zen is and what modern design and clean, minimal style stand for.  We know that achieving zen at home starts with simplicity in furnishings, and that neutral colors, organic textures and materials help harmonize the energies in a room. 

But why do so many rooms designed in a clean, minimal style end up looking barren and cold? Why do so many neutral interiors fall boring and flat? How many images of modern interiors have you seen, studied and designed to a tee, look like sleeping laboratories, experimental living rooms, or frozen dining rooms?  Where is the zen, and exactly how hard it is to uncover the soul of a room?

We bow to the designers who find it and to all who search for the soul of each room along with their clients.  To paraphrase a famous quote, 'tis more about the journey than the destination', and many ways to get there. 

  • From listening to the designers who successfully create rooms that are in sync with their owners' ideals of peace and harmony, we can pass on a few tips on achieving "zen interiors":
  • - You do not have to have your clients sleep on a tatami in a bare room, but edit the furnishings to the bare minimum while maximizing functionality and comfort.  Tall order right from the start, because now each piece of furniture might have to be re-invented with custom features in the most ingenious way possible
  • - Play with neutrals and textures to your heart desire - there's not much wrong you can do in going wild with neutrals if you make sure your client loves each material, color and texture and each one contributes comfort and function
  • - Be ingenious in managing clutter and offer your clients simple storage solutions for their day-to-day use
  • - Think organic - if nothing inspires you in green or eco-friendly furniture, hand made ceramic or sculptural accessories in natural materials should help, along with live plants
  • - most importantly, ask if your clients truly happy and relaxed when they spend time in the room or is it a showcase

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