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Nobu Buffet

Between glorious new designs coming up in our 2016 Signature Collection (check our next blog post to get a glimpse) and a bunch of awards we've been showered with this summer on all sorts of accounts, - several awards for product design, one for business leadership and one for our company culture, there is really a lot to celebrate.

Pool side cocktail table

It’s summer, and we yearn for a lifestyle simplicity that’s luxurious and cozy at the same time. We want to surround ourselves with furnishings that speak of nature, of subtle connections with the outdoors energies and organic vibes. 

Well, what furnishings respond to summer lifestyle?

Dining glamour

Great design should be nurturing our spirit and enhance our wellbeing.  Great dining design even more so.  With spring beckoning a new zest for life and fresh standards for our well being, glamorous dining styles aim for new heights.  We want our lifestyle to be the best it can be, we want our homes to make us happy when we walk in, we want our family dinners to make our life feel luxurious and say, "la vita e bella".

Design Trends

We don’t change our furniture and interiors as often as we change our wardrobe. Why is the interior design industry so eager to catch up with the latest design trends when every furniture designer's dream is to create timeless designs?  When do passing trends cross path with timelessness?

Maison & Objet

Big dreams of luxury

What I would like American design to bring from Maison is the thrill of transatlantic ships coming from France at the turn of the last century, with glamorous ladies making their grand arrival with travel trunks and hat boxes full of the latest Paris fineries…  the longing and anticipation of new luxury… the outrage of society matrons upon examining scandalous new fashion…  the sparkling excitement of young ladies walking about in their new outfits and the stunned look on men’s faces… 


BDNY boutique hotel design

We love the new trends in boutique hotel design because these days sky is the limit in creativity, when it comes to hotel interiors and furniture selections. 

Marquetry Flip Top Table

Fall is a time for harvest, and in the design industry, a time to let your year's work shine.  What's new and next in our Signature Collection has arrived.  The Nobu Dining Table, the Nobu Buffet and the Marquetry Flip top Table are completing our 2015 Signature Collection with refreshing innovation in design, engineering and finishing.

outdoor furniture

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

Almost mid-August and still time to move outdoors, if you haven't done it since May.  Long beautiful sunsets, refreshing cool evening breezes that will keep you a bit longer outside, a vacation feel in the night air even if you've been working 14 hours.  Well, make sure you have a comfortable spot on the terrace / balcony / garden to enjoy it.


Frank chair, room design

A lot has been happening this spring and May is even richer with design happenings.  Lots of refreshing and re-design in the showroom, new signature designs in development and production, new curated selections.


The alchemy of transforming interiors forever involved its rightful dose of mystery. Design principles and formulas seem to miss some essential ingredient, slippery and hard to pinpoint, that makes a room actually come alive with feeling.  We call it the art of the designer.

Salvator Dining Table, Alberto Bar, Hareeyo Rug

Holidays are not just a time of joy, celebration, great food and togetherness.  They somehow prompt for each one of us some thorough wrap-ups of our year, along with big dreaming and elated resolutions for the new year starting.

Christmas at the showroom

Decorating for the holidays is a big part of the celebration itself.  Nothing builds up the holiday spirit with all its anticipation and excitement like getting your home ready for celebration.

Bringing home the Christmas tree, getting your decorations from storage and opening the boxes, handling old ornaments and revisiting memories, running out for new lights at the last minute or browsing through stores for weeks for those special new touches... it is all fun, and especially once you start adorning your home.

Zen Modern in Neutrals

We all "got" what zen is and what modern design and clean, minimal style stand for.  We know that achieving zen at home starts with simplicity in furnishings, and neutral colors, organic textures and materials help harmonize the energies in a room. 

CEU Class on Psychology of Color

Color foundations, color perception, the psychology of color, how color affects light and how light affects color - all topics of fundamental importance in interior design...  Join us for a CEU class with Benjamin Moore and color expert Amy Figueroa on October 30, 2014, 9-10:30 am at the Cliff Young showroom.


Why research and monitor trends every year when we all aim for our designs to become timeless, forever beautiful, functional and en-vogue irrespective of passing trends?

Making it Memorable

There are many tricks of the trade in interior design and each designer develops his or her own trade secrets, with every room they design.  Tonight, we'll learn from Michael Boodro and the incredible designers he invited on his panel what it takes to make a room memorable.

And the Award for Innovative Product Design Goes To...

Last night, at the NYC&G Innovation in Design Awards Gala at the Harvard Club, our Live Edge Burl and Steel Cocktail table received the highest honor with the Innovative Product Design Award. THANK YOU NYC&G for the award and the glamorous gala!

CY Rocks Agate Table

Every September, the What's New What's Next event in the NYDC is a building-wide showcase of top furniture introductions and brings a flurry of design panels, presentations and book signings by top names in the industry.

Modern, airy Tribeca lof with Cliff Young

When outdoor living is such a challenge in New York City, creating a living environment that links the indoor /outdoor living as beautifully and organically as this Tribeca loft deserves celebration.

The Cliff Young Zen Rug Collection

For a company designing furniture, furnishings and interiors for over 46 years, creating a signature rug collection started as an anniversary gesture.  Our 45th anniversary prompted a huge design celebration in all directions, with new furniture collection pieces for every room, re-invented showroom displays, new materials, new finishes, new partnerships with amazing craftsmen.

Social Media for Designers at Cliff Young Ltd.

If you missed our Social Media for Designers Seminar with Constant Contact last week, here are the most important tips how to market your interior design firm with social media.


Valerie Moran

How lucky I feel to have had Valerie Moran in my life.  I deeply share the grief and the love of her family and friends upon her passing. Her brilliant mind and always cheerful smile will remain a guiding light in my business, but also touched me personally and transformed my life with love.

Pappacchio Entertainment Unit Finalization

It’s almost impossible to define or sum up the design process in one explanation because it is so adaptable to each project and person. Although, the design team at Cliff Young does have a creative path that we tend to follow for the majority of our projects.

Our extended rug family from Nepal, visiting the Cliff Young showroom

With a cultural heritage and traditions going deep in history, Tibetans have long established themselves as luxury rugs craftsmen of the world.  For people who live so simply and humbly in sync with nature and its seasons, becoming the epitome of luxury tells a lot about the true attributes of luxury: authenticity, meaning, extraordinary craftsmanship and quality.

Developing their craft within centuries, Tibetans have nurtured it with every generation, bringing each step and technique closer to perfection every time.

Social Media for Designers

Join Cliff Young and Constant Contact speaker Vikram Rajan for Social Media for Designers 101

Summer Living Room Rendering

The art of design is relative, and the same space can be imagined and re-invented by every interior designer differently.  3D renderings are invaluable for designers to help their clients visualize a room, and as virtual staging tools for real estate professionals.

June is Rug Month!- Cliff Young Furniture

The brand new Cliff Young Signature Rug Collection is in, and to celebrate, June will be The Tibetan Rug Month, with 10% off designer net pricing on all rug orders and beautiful floor samples available on sale. Make an appointment with our sales and design team today!

Rosewood Table Close Up

Hold off on that furniture polish and read our blog post about how to clean your modern wood furniture to keep it shining as new. 

Mentoring design students, from top: Leslie Young, Laura Bohn, Tim Button and Carl D'Aquino

The Cliff Young Tribute Mentorship Program continues the series of student roundtables with Materials in Design, with mentors Laura Bohn, Tim Button and Carl D'Aquino.

Furniture for Vacation Home

Vacation is just around the corner - here are some tips on how buy furniture and decorate your vacation home to be a relaxing retreat.

Milo Baughman Sofa

Find out the secrets behind the success of a true classic of mid-century design, Milo Baughman in the upcoming event at Cliff Young on May 1st 2014.

2014 Trends Event
The Cliff Young Tribute Mentorship Program Proudly presents....
ASID NY Metro Chapter Mixer, Sept. 19, 2013

Honouring our roots and journey
ASID NY Metro Chapter Mixer
Thursday, September 19th

The Alchemy of Furniture Design, Nov. 21, 2013

Tribute Mentorship Program
The Alchemy of Furniture Design
November 21, 2013

Tribute Mentorship Program, April 14, 2013

To honor our founder and celebrate our 45 years of great design, this year we are inaugurating our "Tribute Mentorship Program" in connection with our "CYL - Create Your Line" Design Competition, that will bring together design students and established design professionals to help the young professionals to achieve real industry experience and start great design careers.

Designer's Guide, Sept. 22, 2013

NYDC What's New What's Next
Designer's Guide: Easy Steps Towards Greener Designs
September 22, 2010, 7:30pm at Cliff Young Ltd. NYDC 200 Lex, Suite 505

A New Generation in Green, May 14, 2013

Join Green Drinks NYC and Cliff Young Ltd.
for a fabulous night of green design
May 14, 2013