Cliff Young Ltd.

About Leslie Young

Winner of the 2016 Smart CEO Brava Awards, visionary but humble, always running for the next idea but a stickler for detail, flexible in business but uncompromising in design, Leslie Young Zarra is not your typical business woman. 

Cliff Young's daughter, Leslie Young, followed early in his footsteps, learning the ins and outs of the furniture and design industry, along with the skills of listening and translating a client's vision and needs for the home into unique furniture designs. She joined the firm in 1988 and soon enough started making her mark with a higher sensibility in terms of changing lifestyle trends impacting the furniture business.

The fast changes in home entertainment and technology required the furniture and design industry to adapt and soon Cliff Young Ltd. became known for establishing a hot new trend in home theater cabinetry designed and made custom, that has not only been the epitome of luxury of custom home furnishings, but also the ultimate in terms of functionality, and creativity in terms of marrying contemporary, clean design with comfort, luxury and constant innovation in the use of materials and textures.

Over the years, the Cliff Young collections have been constantly evolving, keeping in tune with the modern aesthetic and sensibility, with the way we live today, and an eye to the future.

A third generation is on the rise through Isabella, Leslie and Chris Zarra's daughter.  A great writer once said that only beauty can save the world, and while it is very hard to predict what the design world will look like in twenty years, we are working hard to make sure that world will be beautiful. Join us on this journey.

Photo credit: Shana Wittenwyler

Leslie Young Zarra and Isabella Zarra