Cliff Young Ltd.

Cliff Young - legendary designer of modern and contemporary furniture

Cliff Young Ltd. was founded in 1968 by Alberto Azzolina, a young Italian musician recently returned from the army. Talented, with an open mind and keen business sense, he started working in the New York furniture industry and soon saw what very few people realized at the time - that modern furniture and design can only truly succeed by tuning into the client's needs and giving them a furniture piece that fits their lifestyle. His show business background prompted him to change his name into Cliff Young - little did he know of the advent of Italian style in furniture in the coming decades.

Backed by an extraordinarily talented team, he perfected the art of developing pieces of furniture for his clients and with his clients, that were the best possible match for their interiors and lifestyle. He also learned firsthand the challenges of creating unique, custom designs, and the amount of work, talent, engineering, effort and persistence required behind each successful design.

A great new design doesn’t come easy, but passion and constant search for the best design solution for every client and every room led him and his collections to the clean and refined style today.

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